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Neurophysiology Lab

Often referred to as the “Disneyland” for sports science initiatives, the neurophysiology laboratory knows no bounds in its ability to test, measure and apply supra-physiological markers of human performance. Within the walls of the Neurophysiology lab we test the best of the best from Olympic, gold medal athletes; elite, professional football, MLB, NHL, and collegiate level athletes from all sports; all the way to clinical populations suffering from concussions, trauma and neurodegenerative diseases such as, athletes that have suffered a concussion during competition, military personnel with PTSD and Parkinson’s, respectively. No other laboratory in the world contains the equipment necessary to accurately gauge the neuromuscular determinants of an individual’s power, speed, mechanical efficiencies and other potentiating factors that maximize human performance.

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Food Science Lab

Equipped with top level appliances and always manned by a food scientist whose expertise lay in the realm of molecular, metabolic and biochemical aspects of nutrition and supplementation for elite athletic and diseased populations, The Food Science Laboratory takes nutrition to a new level. Here, we test and validate cutting edge nutritional and supplemental interventions to fuel performance for the best athletes in world; as well as, nutritional therapeutics for populations with neurodegenerative or metabolic disorders.

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Blood Lab

Our blood laboratory allows us to draw and process blood samples, in house; in order to analyze the endocrine profiles of populations with elite genetic makeups, populations suffering from neurological and metabolic disorders, and even the general population.

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Cognition Lab

The cognition laboratory allows us to test and measure the different processes that result in accumulation of knowledge used for decision making. With advanced eye tracking software and data used to reference where an individual ranks amongst peers of their respective demographic, we are able to pinpoint and train areas of cognition that include:

  • visual acuity
  • pattern recognition
  • Anticipatory cues
  • Processing speed
  • Reaction Time

Testable and trainable Cognition may be the difference between someone with a neurodegenerative disorder living a normal lifestyle, or someone entering the NFL draft being picked in a higher round vs. not being picked at all.

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Metabolic Testing Lab

Very specific and accurate measurements are needed to quantify chemical processes that are required within organisms to maintain functionality. In the Metabolic Laboratory we are able to accurately and noninvasively measure processes that drive the mechanism of human metabolism.

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Body Composition Lab

The Body Composition laboratory is dedicated strictly to optimizing body composition for elite level athletes, high level corporate executives, populations with cardiovascular or muscle wasting disorders, as well as general populations. We use state of the art Hologic Dual X-ray Absorptiometry and ultrasonography to gather body composition metrics, that include but are not limited to:

  • total muscle and fat mass
  • regional muscle and fat mass
  • bone mineral density
  • Visceral fat thickness
  • Physiological and Anatomical cross sectional area
  • Venous and Arterial blood flow

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Sports Simulation Lab

Our Sports Simulation Theatre allows you to play 18 holes of golf on rendered versions of your favorite courses around the world. The camera tracking system allows for collection and analysis of angular kinematics of swing and ball flight data.

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Pitching Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go head to head against the best pitchers in the world? With the Pro-Batter pitching simulator, we have the ability to recreate classic pitcher-hitter duals. The simulator allows our athletes to see any pitch type, at any speed, at any location thrown by a virtual pitcher. Coaches can program a sequence of pitches to simulate the arsenal of any MLB ace pitcher.

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Advanced Therapy

Recovery, the key determining factor between walking into your next competition and setting records, or falling short physically. At the ASPI, we aren’t concerned with setting records, we are concerned with shattering them. In order to do that we go above and beyond with recovery methods that precisely target and attenuate markers of fatigue.

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