The Founders

Sam Beeler

Co-Founder, SVP, Chief Operating Officer

Sam serves as SVP, Chief Operating Officer for the Applied Science and Performance Institute. As a co-founder, he brings with him more than 16 years of executive leadership, operational excellence, and innovation. Previously, Sam served as VP of Operations for Advantage Care Physicians, the largest private multi-specialty outpatient practice on the east coast. Prior to ACP, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer at Staten Island Physician Practice, the islands largest medical group accounting for the care of 20% of the boroughs population. Earlier in his career, Sam provided executive management services in the music industry. In this capacity, he worked with major record labels, publishing companies, performing rights organizations, producers, and artists. He has worked with many international stars across genres, secured major recording contracts and led award winning production companies. Sam is a passionate ambassador for The Clinton Foundation and assists with their population health initiatives benefiting millions around the world. He has also served as a volunteer at the Merck Bioethics Institute where he collaborated with Physicians, Scientists and Healthcare Administrators to further the guiding principles of ethical and responsible research and care. Sam has studied at Columbia and Rutgers Universities where he has graduated with highest honors and garnered multiple academic accolades including the Charles Biederman and Norman C. Miller Awards.

Dr. Jacob Wilson

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jacob Wilson is a researcher and CEO of Applied Science and Performance Institute. With over 200 peer- reviewed papers, book chapters and abstracts Dr. Wilson has turned the focus of his research onto the cellular, molecular, and whole body changes in muscle size, strength, and power in response to exercise and nutrition in varying populations. Dr. Wilson was awarded the NSCA’s Terry J. Housh young investigator of the year award in 2013. Moreover, he and his lab were featured in the movie Generation Iron, which came out in theaters in 2013 and was aired on ESPN.

Ryan Lowery

Co-Founder, President

Ryan earned his BS and MS in human exercise physiology and exercise and nutrition science from the University of Tampa. Ryan was also a national champion baseball player during his time at UT. Wanting to chase a bigger vision and dreams of impacting people’s lives on a global scale, Ryan co- founded and currently serves as the President at Applied Science and Performance Institute. To date, Ryan has published over 100 papers, abstracts, and book chapters on human performance, sports nutrition and supplementation. Ryan has received numerous academic and research awards and has spoken both nationally and internationally on a variety of sports nutrition related topics

The Team

Matthew Sharp

Director, Sports & Scientific Affairs

Matthew obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Florida State University and Master’s of Science in Exercise & Nutrition Science from The University of Tampa. Matthew is the director of the research department at The Applied Science & Performance Institute where he focuses on conducting and supervising studies pertaining to adaptions in body composition; muscle architecture and functionality; in response to training, nutrition, and supplementation interventions in general, athletic, and special populations. On these topics Matthew has published over two dozen peer reviewed papers and abstracts and presented nationally on at multiple conferences.

William Wallace

Sports Scientist

William obtained his B.S in Occupational Safety and Health at Keene State College and his M.S in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. William’s primary areas of study combine concepts from Neurophysiology and Biomechanics in order to study motor control and motor learning. To date, William has lead, contributed, and collaborated on numerous research studies. His work for the ASPI includes: designing, creating and distributing educational content as it pertains to health & human performance; and testing, analyzing & interpreting data of elite athletic populations for real-world application purposes.

Chris Irvin

Manager, Scientific Content & Development

Chris has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with Exercise Science from Illinois College and a Master’s of Science in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. Chris’ passion lies in learning about the biochemical and molecular aspects of the ketogenic diet in relations to general health, exercise and performance, and disease treatment and prevention. His work for the ASPI includes: the use of the supplementation and dietary intervention as a therapeutic aid to athletic, military and diseased populations suffering from PTSD, trauma, and post-concussion symptoms.

Andy Barninger

Manager, Scientific Content & Development

Andy is the Director of Research and Development at the ASPI. He has worked as a chef, nutritionist, personal trainer, product developer and a sports scientist. He has passion for knowledge in the molecular aspects of nutrition include: biochemistry, nutrition and performance, nutrition and metabolism, supplementation for performance as well as ketogenic dieting. Andy’s culinary expertise are unparalleled in the nutrition world and his work as a food scientist is the coal that fuels the fire of human performance.

Alexander Lee Burton

Director, Web & Systems Development

Alex is the Director of Web and Systems Development at the ASPI, and received his Bachelor's of Science in International Business Management at Marist College. Focusing primarily on web and software development, Alex builds websites & web applications for the ASPI. He also designs data-driven systems & tools for research, resource management and team workflow. Alex is also a 100-pound weight-loss success story, and contributes applicable content on the subject matter.

Dr. Ashley Holly

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Ashley E. Holly holds a B.A. in Microbiology from Miami University and a Ph.D. in Regulatory Biology from Cleveland State University/Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute. During her graduate work in the Department of Molecular Cardiology, Ashley investigated the molecular mechanisms and signal transduction pathways for the activation of cell adhesion molecules called integrins. Her comprehensive training includes structural, biochemical and cellular biology techniques with a research focus in Vascular Biology. During her doctoral studies, she was awarded the Graduate Student Presentation of the Year award. As a Gold-Level competitive figure skater, Ashley has fused her passion for science with health and fitness and now enjoys training as a physique athlete. Adopting the Ketogenic lifestyle, Ashley’s personal mission is to educate as many people as possible on its immense benefits.

Matt Stefan

Sports Scientist

Matthew obtained his Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Dominican University in Illinois, and received his Masters of Science in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. Matthew has been PI on numerous studies, some that have lasted 12 weeks in length. He works one on one, and in conjunction with the research division, with elite athletes, gathering data used for the purpose of normalizing metrics in elite populations

Paul Hauser

Social Media Strategist

Paul graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is currently a graduate student pursuing his Master’s degree in Applied Exercise Science from Concordia University. Paul has a diverse business background with experience working in multiple industries that include, health and wellness initiatives, supplement manufacturers, and public relations. Paul is able to apply his understanding of analytics and international marketing strategies to allow for optimal outreach.