The ASPI takes a multi-faceted approach to research. Each research initiative must pass our step-by-step authorization protocol in order to ensure the utmost quality each step of the way.

Research, Clinical Services & Scientific Affairs


Together with our partners, we collaborate to create a vision that allows us to test the boundaries of what we know to be possible in terms of heath, longevity and human performance.


Results come from flawless design. Our team of full-time scientists are dedicated to creating research designs that meet the standards of top level peer-reviewed journals.

IRB Submission

Every research design is submitted for authorization to our team of clinical and academic professionals on an institutional review board in order to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality.

Clinical & Academic University Testing

We collaborate, and work in conjunction with countless professionals in university and clinical settings, in order to appropriately ascertain all possible data.

Statistical Analyses

Raw data is cycled through a combination of analytical algorithms so that significance can be drawn from and between variables.


Numbers mean nothing if you do not have the ability to read them. Our team of scientists take complex sets of statistics and interpret the findings for precise real-world application.


Real-world application based on evidence-based science.