Our Story

Our mission is to challenge current dogma in the health and human performance realms with new insight to effectively promote a healthy lifestyle and optimize physical performance. We work in conjunction with the top scientific minds, professional athletes, bodybuilders, and resourceful innovators in the world.
The ASPI houses experts from numerous fields that include: molecular biology, neurophysiology, sports physiology, biomechanics, food science, statistical analyses, nutritional and supplemental therapeutics, and much more. Our breadth of partnerships and knowledge expands to all corners of corporate, academic and clinical services so that we can provide the most cutting edge science innovations.
With backgrounds in clinical, academic and corporate settings the ASPI team can truly do it all. Collectively, our team has over a decade of research experience. The ASPI team provides cutting edge research and education to the masses. We have extensive experience working with clientele from clinical, corporate and academic institutions around the world. Our results are driven by research and fueled by passion.
Our team at the ASPI was formed by individuals with passion, determination, and drive to do one thing, change the world.