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Live Your PRIME

PRIME is the period of life in which you are in our peak physical, cognitive, and metabolic health. When you are in your PRIME, you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Our mission is to guide you to your PRIME and beyond what you thought was previously possible.

ASPI (Applied Science and Performance Institute) bridges the gap between science and application to help you achieve your PRIME. Our state-of-the-art research and performance facility utilizes elite coaches, scientists and health practitioners who apply the latest science-based techniques. ASPI offers Tampa Bay a unique new concierge health and fitness option designed to discover your evolving potential and reverse the effects of aging.

Seven categories of testing

body composition

Body Composition











cognitive function

Cognitive function

Why become a concierge member of ASPI?

What if you could reach your PRIME now, and remain in your PRIME throughout your entire life? What if you could extend your life by several years through staying in your PRIME? At the ASPI our world-renowned scientists use cutting-edge technology to help you reverse the aging process. In essence, the ASPI helps you become “younger” each year.

About The Applied Science And Performance Institute

The ASPI is a place where the achievement of a client's PRIME is our highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest human performance innovation and guidance for our clients who will always discover their evolving potential. The ASPI was created to help individuals receive the full gamut of care they deserve. There has always been a gap in human performance optimization limiting your ability to perform and live life to your PRIME. We house everything needed from performance and physical therapy training to specialized biologic treatments and researched backed practices. The ASPI can truly do it all.


ASPI Performance™ integrates custom science-based training techniques to develop your PRIME blueprint.

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ASPI Biologics™ enhances your energy, vitality, immune function and wellbeing to foster a new PRIME.

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ASPI Therapy™ utilizes research based recovery techniques to maximize your quality of life, enhance performance and keep you at your PRIME.

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ASPI Sports Medicine™ uses cutting edge therapeutics to treat, heal and regenerate your body back to its PRIME

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Our Members

“The ASPI is much more than a training facility. It is an investment in my health and in my future. I want to know for sure that I did everything I could to maintain my health while I could so that as I age, I am capable of living my life to the quality that I want and staying in my prime.” – Ricky

“After training at ASPI, my cardiologist was amazed at my progress. Said my minor blockage was gone. One hundred percent clear without surgery or medicines!” – Glen

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We work in conjunction with the top scientific minds and resourceful innovators, leading the health and wellness industry. With backgrounds in clinical, academic, and corporate settings, ASPI can truly do it all.


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