The Applied Science And Performance Institute

The ASPI is a research facility that utilizes science to test, validate, and provide guidance for products and people. By deciphering decades of research and crafting a highly intelligent team of researchers, the ASPI is capable of truly revolutionizing your product(s) or optimizing your health.

Our 21,000-square-foot facility includes a state-of-the-art laboratory and specialized equipment to encompass any needs desired. Let us customize an experience that best suits your needs.


Validate and fast track your products to the marketplace.

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ASPI Health

Discover your health blueprint via the multi faceted ASPI Score.

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The ASPI houses experts from numerous fields that include: molecular biology, neurophysiology, human physiology, biomechanics, food science, statistical analyses, nutritional and supplemental therapeutics, and much more. In addition to our intellectual capital, our advanced partnerships expand to all corners of corporate, academic and clinical services, allowing us to assure cutting-edge science innovations.


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We house a team of scientific experts and advanced technology only found in the most sophisticated human health laboratories in the world. Gone are the days of guessing how to tackle your health journey; we outline everything for you and personally guide you to your PRIME.

The ASPI Score

The ASPI Score was created to help people reach and exceed their PRIME.

PRIME is the period in life in which one is in peak physical, cognitive and metabolic health. When one is in their PRIME, they feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Our mission is to guide one to their PRIME and beyond what was previously perceived as impossible. This is accomplished by using our multi-faceted scoring system that identifies one’s health blueprint.

This blueprint outlines one’s baseline values across multiple categories to properly set milestones and outline one’s journey. We then work directly with the client to optimize all areas to assure optimal progress is achieved to reach their PRIME.

Discover your health blueprint.

Our Team

Our team is formed by individuals who share a drive and determination to do one thing - Change lives through science and innovation.

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