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Your PRIME journey is unique and shouldn’t be the same as everyone else’s. At The Applied Science & Performance Institute we create an individualized performance plan utilizing the latest science based techniques to accelerate achieving your PRIME.

Individualized Training

Performance Training is never a one-size-fits-all process. At the ASPI, we use our scoring system to identify specific components of your physical, metabolic, or cognitive health that help direct your Performance Training program and guide you to your PRIME.

Nutrition Consulting

Individualized training programs are a major key to success at the ASPI. However, these programs only account for one hour out of the 24-hour day. Nutrition consultations are designed to promote healthier nutrition practices and improve nutrition knowledge to support your journey to your PRIME.

Injury Prevention

An individualized training program and nutrition knowledge can only be useful if you remain healthy throughout the journey to your PRIME. From the score testing, we can identify biomechanical deficits that may predispose you to injury. These clues then help design your Performance Training program to ensure you reach your PRIME.

Guidance and Accountability

Reaching your PRIME is a 24-hour/day process that takes time and knowledge to perfect. At the ASPI, we work with you throughout each step of your PRIME journey in order to facilitate your progress and instill healthy daily habits.

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