The ASPI was initially developed as a human performance research facility. However, over the years, our science team gathered an extraordinary collection of data and information regarding optimal human health and performance. We knew we had to share this with the world and help people truly live their best lives. This is when the ASPI Score was created.

At the ASPI, we house a team of scientific experts and advanced technology only found in the most sophisticated human performance laboratories in the world. Gone are the days of guessing how to tackle your health and fitness journey; we outline everything for you and personally guide you to your PRIME.


Custom science-based training methods and nutrition strategies to develop your PRIME blueprint.


Enhances your energy, vitality, immune function and wellbeing to foster a new PRIME.


Research based recovery techniques to maximize your quality of life, enhance performance and keep you at your PRIME.


Cutting edge therapeutics to treat, heal and regenerate your body back to its PRIME

Discover your human perfromance blue print.

The ASPI Score

The Applied Science and Performance Institute was created to help people become the best versions of themselves (PRIME).

PRIME is the period in life in which one is in peak physical, cognitive and metabolic health. When one is in their PRIME, they feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Our mission is to guide one to their PRIME and beyond what was previously perceived as impossible.

This is accomplished by using our multi-faceted scoring system that identifies one’s human performance blueprint. This blueprint outlines one’s baseline health and performance which is vital to properly set milestones and determine the journey to one’s PRIME.

Your human performance blueprint is then used to create training, nutrition, physical therapy, and biologics protocols designed to direct you to, and beyond, your PRIME.

Seven categories of testing

body composition

Body Composition











cognitive function

Cognitive function

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